Package A

(1 hour)

1 - 8x 10

2 - 5x7's

6 - 4x6's

16 - wallets

Package D

(2 hours)

1 - 10x13

4 - 8x10's

6 - 5x7's

10 - 4x6's

24 - wallets


Military Discounts available


Package Options

Package B

(1 hour)

2 - 8x10's

4 - 5x7's

6 - 4x6's

24 - wallets

Package E

(2 hours)

1 - 10x13

5 - 8x10's

8 - 5x7's

12 - 4x6's

 24 - wallets

Package C

(1 hour & 30 min.)

3 - 8x10's

6 - 5x7's

8- 4x6's

24 - wallets

Senior Graduation


A CD with 20+ edited photos
with all copyrights. 

(This rate depends on many factors, such as the number of locations, changes of clothes, printing options and time duration.)

Also Available



-Prom or Formal Events



Additional Costs

(Not included in package price listings above.)

There is a $20.00 Sitting Fee with a minimum of half the package cost due upon the day of the shoot. (Non-refundable.)
You may also purchase a CD of all edited photos for an additional $20.00.

If you would like to purchase a CD with all edited photos + Copyright that is an additional $40.00 with the purchase of any package.

If the session runs longer than the allotted time purchased, it's an additional $35.00 per half hour.




Owning the copyright gives you the freedom to print additional pictures in the future without incurring further costs from Renay Photography. Copyrights can only be transferred with the purchase of your CD. If you do not wish to purchase the image copyrights on CD, you will only receive the prints selected from the package you purchased and you will not have further permission to reprint at any time in the future.

Additional prints can be purchased at a 60% package discount for up to 60 days after initial purchase. After that time only a 45discount will be given.

Please contact me regarding any questions you may have on the aforementioned policies.

Copyright & Reprint Options

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